All-Natural Uncured Pulled Smoked Pheasant


Our all natural, uncured pulled and cubed smoked pheasant is our answer to the party planner who wants a unique, yet convenient addition to that traditional party cheese and cracker tray. We provide you with two – six (6) ounce vacuum sealed pouches of fully cooked, boneless, smoked pheasant which has been hand-portioned into convenient bite-size pieces. This is smoked pheasant – off the bone and ready to thaw and serve. It can also be mixed with mayonnaise (and your other favorite spices/condiments) for a scrumptious pheasant salad sandwich spread!

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Our products are derived from all-natural, free range game birds raised under stringent poultry management practices. No growth enhancers or hormones have been fed to these birds. All products are manufactured by us in our own Wisconsin State inspected processing plant following USDA-FSIS HACCP guidelines and programs. We use 100% wood chips in the smoking of our products. The continued production of SAFE and WHOLESOME FOOD is our one and only priority at Toubl Enterprises Inc. A Toubl Recipe Brochure will be enclosed with your order or you may download one HERE.

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