November 9, 2015


Click below for pdfs of recipes.

Canning Meats
Pheasant Andouille Recipe Card
Pheasant Chorizo Recipe Card
Pheasant Original Brats Recipe Card
Pheasant Sweet Italian Recipe Card
Pickling Eggs
Pocket Field Guide to Care and Handling of Game Birds
Rayna’s Pickled Egg Recipe
Spiced Pickled Eggs
Toubl Food Products Catalog 2008
Toubl Recipe Brochure 2008
Tracy’s Sweet Pickled Eggs
Troubleshooting Guide for Fermented Meats
Wendy’s Pickled Egg Recipe
Wild Side of the Menu 1 Care and Cookery
Wild Side of the Menu 2 Field to Freezer
Wild Side of the Menu 3 Preservation of Game Meats