Our Pride

We are proud to offer you our Fine Pheasant Fare from our family-owned and operated Wisconsin business.
All-Natural Pheasant Snack Sticks

Our popular Pheasant Snack Sticks are delicious, lean and healthy. Available in 6 flavors: Mild Hickory, Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet Italian, Zesty Hickory and Tex Mex.

All-Natural Pheasant Summer Sausage

Our Pheasant Summer Sausages are a tasty, succulent and LEAN treat. Available in 3 flavors: Original, Monterey Jack & Japaleño and Cheddar & Cranberry.

All-Natural Pheasant Bratwursts

Our Pheasant Bratwursts are perfect for grilling or incorporating into pasta style entrees. Available in 4 flavors: Original, Sweet Italian, Andouille and Chorizo.

Many more items are available in our store!

We have many more healthy pheasant options available in our store, including: Pulled Smoked Pheasant, Pheasant Eggrolls and Whole Smoked Pheasant.

"Like any worthwhile Wisconsin meat processor, Toubl's know a thing or two about bratwurst. Mildly spiced and remarkably moist considering what a lean bird pheasant is, this is a Wisconsin classic with a twist."

Our Passion

Delicious Family
Quality Meat
Since 1969

Toubl Game Bird Farms was “hatched” in 1966 when Jan Toubl purchased 3 pheasants to train his Irish Setter. To become well-versed in pheasant production, Jan attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Poultry Science in 1970. Since 1969, the Toubl family has produced thousands of pheasants, wild turkeys, and partridges for hunting, gourmet meats, dog trainers, wildlife restorationists, and taxidermists.

In fact, we were one of the largest Wild Turkey producers in the Midwest for more than 30 years and the largest Afghan Whitewing Pheasant producer in the US for more than 20 years. We are proud of our track record in producing top quality premium healthy game birds for all of these demanding markets.

In 1983, we dove into our own specialty foods to provide a large array of quality food products for those who love game birds. We purchased a smokehouse oven and rented processing space to commence the food segment of the business. In 1987, to bring things closer to home, a further processing building was erected on the farm according to USDA standards. Over the years, an automated form-fill-seal packaging machine, a state of the art sausage stuffer, a second smokehouse along with microprocessor controls to both “houses”, and other equipment was added to keep pace with the needs of our growing business.


Our Family

Toubl Enterprises Incorporated is a family-owned and operated Wisconsin corporation.
Jan R. Toubl
Jan R. Toubl
President / CEO
Karen A. Toubl
Karen A. Toubl
Secretary / Treasurer / CFO
J. Michael Toubl
J. Michael Toubl
Vice President / COO
Jeremy J. Toubl
Jeremy J. Toubl
Vice President of Sales
Kelly J. Clobes
Kelly J. Clobes
Vice President of Marketing
and Quality Control

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